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I”m guessing that it’s a must for all good Texans to visit the Alamo, so we officially initiated ourselves today. Mason was thrilled to make the visit and was especially excited to see Davy Crockett’s gun. I was impressed at the level of interest both he and Maddie showed and the reverence with which they took it all in.

The Alamo symbolizes freedom here in Texas much like the Statue of Liberty does in New York…and that’s a picture our world need never forget. Remember the Alamo indeed.



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The student and children's ministries at Oak Hills Church sent their official welcome to Maddie and Mason today. We were surprised to have a knock at our door and even more surprised to receive such a great cookie bouquet. The kids were thrilled, of course, and I was oh so happy for them. What a nice welcome. It made us all feel more at home.

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Thanks Aunt Kimmer

My sister, Kim, more commonly known around my house as Aunt Kimmer, pulled off a Texas sized surprise for our southbound journey. She packed a big bag full of gifts, each of which was to be opened by one of the children upon crossing each state line throughout our trip. This was definitely a hit! The first gift was opened as we pulled out of our driveway and the grand finale present was given when we arrived in San Antonio. Thanks Aunt Kimmer for all of the presents, all of the fun and especially all of the love. We love you too! We took some pictures along the way so we could share the joy.

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Adios Springfield

We traveled all day yesterday. We made our first pit stop at the world's largest McDonald's in Oklahoma…that's where our traveling adventures began…more about that later. We spent the night in Waco, Texas and ate Texas shaped waffles for breakfast at the hotel…What a state. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory our first night in San Antonio and were welcomed, of course, by the biggest cowboy boots ever. Enjoy the pics.

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