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Christmas Joy

I have a lot to learn. There, I said it. If you know me, you’d likely already figured that out, but it’s a lesson I have to acknowledge again and again. My latest personal tutorial took place just tonight. Here’s how it all came together.

Today was an incredible near eighty degree day here in south Texas. So, I decided that our family must take advantage of our first Christmas season in San Antonio by making a pilgrimage to see the Christmas lights on the Riverwalk.

I picked the kids up after school with a quickly assembled picnic dinner in tow and headed out. With a quick stop at Gerry’s office, he joined us, and we set our sights toward downtown. To make the most of our expedition, we paid the fee to take a boat ride down the three miles of foliage (and tourist) lined river. Soon enough, there we were, taking in the brilliance of the countless points of light that wound their way through the trees, around the buildings and across many an timeworn bridge.

The display was enchanting. And to make it even more so, I needed only to note the brightness of the lights mirrored in my children’s eyes and hear the wonder of the nearly inaudible gasps that escaped unwittingly with each twist and turn of the river. There it was. Simple, yet beautiful and profound. Joy. And from that grows the lesson I learned tonight.

Jesus is indeed the joy of Christmas. But even more, He’s the joy of every day, not just December 25. And what’s best is that every joy of life is a gift that He gives. We all like to talk about Christmas joy. We work awfully hard to contrive it with elaborate decorations, a full social calendar and an even more full credit card bill. Dreams of White Christmases, dinners worthy of a sitting with Currier and Ives and shopping malls that supposedly hold the key to happiness can never match what I found tonight on the Riverwalk.

It came to us while we were looking at something else. Its arrival was unanticipated and not particularly sought after. Yet, there it was just the same. Joy. The real kind that just shows up with a sparkle all its own…even on an ordinary day like December 18.


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Home Sweet…Apartment?

Now that I've given you a sneak peek at the house we'll eventually call home, I figured it's high time for me to take you on a tour of our current casa…so come on in!

Here's the place as you drive up…see that beautiful sky…love it!

Our cozy living room…notice the lack of green paint on the walls…you have no idea how often I'm tempted! And yes, that's our little Christmas tree cozying up in the corner. Not big, but big enough, but it's all we need and more than we deserve.

The dining room…lots of meals, messes and memories happen here.

Our bedroom…what you can't see in the picture is the bright white ceiling fan that is pretty much caught up in the canopy. I'm the one who found the apartment and I never really considered that our big tall bed might get a little tangled in the fan. So, we obviously don't use that fan, but it's quite the bedroom feature and gives me a good laugh regularly. That's my desk next to the bed, so you can consider this room our bedroom, my office and the media room (the tv is on the other side of the room). This room definitely wins the prize for multitasking!

And the back door…”Why the back door,” you ask? Well for one thing that's how you get to the patio and the laundry room, which really cracks me up. The laundry room is hidden away at the end of the patio, and it always seems so funny to go outside to do laundry…southern living, I guess. The other reason I included a picture of the back door is because it's OPEN and it's December 18th and about 75 degrees and sunny…I really love that! You know how cold I always am, so the climate and I get along quite well here. And for anyone who is presently lamenting your current weather conditions, I have one thing to say…come on down! We'd love to see you.

That's it for now. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to get my pictures of the kids' rooms. I'm not sure that I'm secure enough to post them in their current condition…if you get my drift. We live a little tighter than we're used to in this 1,035 square feet, but we're very grateful, and there really is something charming about being able to vacuum the whole thing in about 10 minutes! Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to see you in person really soon!

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