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Terrific Trusses…Day 27

Soaring to the sky, a bunch of boards never looked better! The trusses went up today, and the interior framing is nearly complete. I’m startled by how much can be accomplished in one day. I wish I always had that much to show for what I’ve done over the past 24 hours.



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I was stunned today when I made my routine drive through Herff Ranch to check on our house. Yesterday, it was covered with a bare slab of concrete and looked like this…


Today, everything had changed. In this case, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words…


We sat there for almost an hour, just watching. That single piece going up on the top floor is the front wall of Mason’s bedroom. By the time we left, half of the upper floor was framed in. You can see our front door there to the left of the garage. It’s exciting to see something that looks like a real house sitting there.

I think I’ll be driving by again tomorrow.

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Maddie went to her first D-Now (aka Disciple Now) this weekend. Disciple Now is a weekend of discipleship focused on middle school and high school kids (which I can’t still believe I have).

Gerry dropped Maddie off at the church Friday evening, and she re-entered home life on Sunday after church. Never have I seen her as excited about anything as this weekend. She talked all the way home about what a great time she had and how much she loved the speaker and worship times.

It was a weekend well spent and I’m so glad she got to go. God was so good to give her some great kids to be with as well as great leaders. Aren’t we all so glad that there are terrific youth leaders in the world! Our hats are off to them!



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Wonderful in Waco

I’ve spent the past two days in Waco, Texas at my friend, Jennifer’s, first ever Fresh Grounded Faith conference. 1,400 women came to worship and find encouragement with Jennifer, Anita Renfroe and Shelley Jennings. This conference is the dream and vision of Jennifer’s husband, Phil, and has been almost a year in planning. What a special joy to see it all come to life.

The conference was a stunning success, and none are more blessed or thrilled than those of us who got to see everything unfold from the inside. One woman came up afterward to pass along a note explaining that she was going home to tear up her suicide note. Another five women prayed to receive Christ. Countless more were challenged by Jennifer’s messages about living a tenacious “grounded” faith. And I’m just happy to have shared such a great weekend with my dear friend.


Jennifer and her Dr. Phil at the conference opening.


Shelley, leading worship.


Jennifer, me, and Kathryn just before I left for home.

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Trips and Tires

My trip to Waco was quiet and quick. I listened to my iPod and talked on the phone all the way there. I also made a couple of stops along the way…the Pottery Barn outlet in San Marcos, where I found curtains for the kids rooms in our new house, and then the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin, where everything, including lunch, was wonderful.

Yet no recent True family trip would be complete without some car challenge. So I left San Antonio after dropping Gerry off at the garage to pick up our ailing-but-now-hopefully-repaired van. The morning was misty, but the trip was uneventful. That is, until I actually arrived in Waco. I found my way to the hotel, joined Kathryn for a few minutes in our room and went to see Jennifer for a little while before it was time to leave.

Then we made a little caravan from the parking lot to make the short drive to the church. The car felt strange and sounded even stranger. I recognized the sound…a flat tire. Thankfully, some men at the church put on the spare, and I took the car to a tire shop where a “real” tire was put on for the trip home.

I am grateful for the safe travels and that tire held out until I arrived in Waco, where help was more easily found. I’m also profoundly grateful for the wonderful people who helped me. It’s naive to think that all our troubles have easy remedies, but I’m thankful for the times when life’s little annoyances stay little so the bigger and better things can remain in their rightful place.


Plentiful produce at Whole Foods.


The reason for eating vegetables…so you can have one of these!


The great guys who changed my tire.

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Concrete…Day 22

I’m on my way to Waco today to spend the weekend at a conference hosted by my favorite author and speaker, Jennifer Rothschild. And on the way out of town I decided to make a quick run through Herff Ranch to check up on our lot.

It’s misty this morning, so my expectations were nil. But I was elated to discover the ever pleasing combination of progress and workers when I arrived. The slab was poured yesterday, and a crew was diligently smoothing out the concrete this morning. Hooray…things will begin happening quickly once everything cures for about five days.


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Van Trouble

Some of you have heard of our van woes over the past months, and it seems that our travel machine is faltering. It died twice during our initial trip to San Antonio due to a bad alternator. It left us sitting again on our trip home after Christmas. And we knew that another repair was needed, so this past Monday we put it in the shop again. So we’ve been a one vehicle family this week, which translated into everyday language means that I’ve done a lot of driving! Gerry picked up the van tonight, and it died again within ten minutes. It’s been towed back to the garage where we’ll try again tomorrow. Ugh!

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