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New Friends

A new TJ Maxx and Home Goods superstore opened in our neck of the woods today, but this is NOT the top news story. The real story is that my friend, Kelly, called and asked me to join she and another friend to go check things out first thing this morning. So, we showed up and could not believe the number of cars in the parking lot and the overflowing shopping carts that were exiting the store like the stuff was marked 90% off. It was hilarious. No man would have dared enter such hallowed territory. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such a thing, so rather than retreating, we did our female duty to join in the frenzy. Here we are standing in line waiting for one of the 17 check outs to open up. The line began at the front of the store, wound its way all the way to the back of the store and then to the front of the store again. And we thought it was fun!

The best part was just enjoying these dear new friends who already feel like old ones. I’m so grateful for the way loving our Lord enables us to love each other like this. Here we are joining in the madness…Kelly, Julie and me. Be sure to take note of the look on the face of the lady in the background. She wore that bewildered look the whole time she watched us move through the line. I think we challenged her notions of standing-in-line decorum. I really don’t know what she was thinking, but I tried to include her in our antics, but she didn’t want to join in…go figure…and I thought we were pretty mild!



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When you’re 16, you never think about how exciting things like dry wall can be. But when you’re 42 and living in a second story apartment with two kids, you can get quite a thrill over piles and piles of dry wall. Our builder told us last week that dry wall should begin going up next Monday. It will take only six weeks to complete the house from then!!! That’s about a month ahead of schedule. My first thought was, I need to start packing. Then it dawned on me. I don’t really have anything to pack! That’s my kind of moving.

I told you a few weeks ago that my sister, Kathy, and her family would be building a house only a few blocks away from ours. Well, they began putting up the forms this week and are putting in the cement bags for the slab today. We’ll get to see two houses going up now.

Here’s a peek at the start of Kathy’s house and then my pile of dry wall. I hope it makes you as happy as it does me!



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I’ve always considered eight year-old boys to be quintessential in their boy-ness, partly because they are still uninhibited enough to have little regard for being cool but are old enough to be fully equipped with the incomparable wonder and potential for real menace that only a full-fledged boy can truly possess. As of today, I have an eight year-old boy of my very own. We celebrated this milestone that seems something like a right of passage with new friends at the Guadalupe River State Park–the ideal setting for all sorts of adventures. The day was picture perfect. The theme was the Revolutionary War. And we all had the utmost in fun.

Here is a chronicle of a little of our partying!








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Our Day

Gerry and I look forward every week to spending Fridays together. It’s his day off and the kids are at school, so we find something to do while enjoying each other’s company. Today we went downtown and explored. Here are some pictures from our day…

Magnificent homes in the King William Historic District



We are entertaining “Flat Micah” this weekend. She is the “flat” version of our sweet friend Micah Williams. She and her kindergarten class have sent their flat selves off to find new adventures, and it’s our job to show her a good time. She went to the Alamo today, and here she is drinking a Starbucks at the Riverwalk. We’re going to show her a few more sites around town before sending her back to the real Micah and all her kindergarten class to share her adventures.


Gerry and me having a wonderful time at the Riverwalk…I love this!


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Coming Right Along…Day 50

It’s been a while since I posted anything new about our house, so here’s a little update. Looks like most all of the plumbing is in, and the electricians began their work this week. I went over today and discovered a flurry of activity. The exterior is covered with men climbing all over scaffolding. They are putting up the mesh screen for the stucco. Shingles are sitting on top of the roof. The electricians are working away, and there is duct work everywhere. We even have tubs and a furnace!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I included a few of the pool and playground too.


Our family room with the fireplace at the end.


The kitchen at the opposite end.


The master bath


Front entryway coming into the library and dining room…woo hoo…I’m

more excited about having a library than anything else!


The exterior…you can just barely see some of the workers behind the tree.


The playground at the amenity center


Entrance to the pool


Grab the sunscreen and come on down!

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Game Day

Our Saturday afternoons are for basketball games. Today it was the Celtics (Mason’s team) vs. the Spurs. Here are a few pictures of our athlete…along with the spectacular sunset that punctuated a lovely day.





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Art on the Move

Friday’s at school are Assembly days. This is school-wide chapel along with a chance to celebrate student accomplishments. This week’s assembly consisted of very fine walking art show. The art assignment was for each child to paint what they imagined hearing as they listened to The Barber of Seville. So today, the children paraded by holding their recently completed artwork while parents clapped and cheered. What fun!

It is lovely to see all the ways the children have expressed their talents, and it dawns on me that not a single one of them seemed to lack for any creativity. What a wonder that God puts such skill and ability to create beauty fight at our fingertips. I guess He’s finished creating, but we get to continue the process. That’s beautiful!

Here are my aspiring artists…



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