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Fun Friends

I know I haven’t written much lately, but it’s not very exciting to write things like…

We unpacked seven boxes.

We hung a new shelf in our garage.

We donated several piles of things to clear them out of our lives.

All those things are true, but they don’t make for very interesting reading. And, uninterestingly enough, we’re still doing more of those things. However, we are also returning to life in the real world, so over the past few days we’ve been able to spend lots of time with some wonderful friends.

You met my friend, Rhonda, in an earlier post. She has three girls, Lyndy, Mallory and Alyssa. Alyssa and Maddie have become fast friends and love spending time together. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to this weekend.

I picked up Mallory and Alyssa from school on Thursday. They invited us over for a swim, so we took them up on it and enjoyed a wonderful time swimming and meeting their horses.

I picked them up at the end of the day on Friday too, and then went off to pick up Maddie and Mason from their school. The girls surprised my kids by jumping up from the back of the van with lots of squeals and giggles. Mason loves these girls as much as Maddie and never wants to leave whenever they are around. I must admit, they are some mighty fun girls. We met Rhonda and Lyndy at the local shaved ice place where we found cool treats to satisfy a parched tongue.

Afterward, we went over to their house (I think we might have invited ourselves, but Rhonda insists it was her idea) to watch the girls practice riding their horses. Mason rolled in the sand until it was hard to figure out where his orange shorts ended and his sand coated legs began. Here he is with Rocky, the friendly lab who’d rather lick you than bark.

Later that night, we all went to see Prince Caspian together. Great movie. I still think the first Narnia film is my favorite, but we’ll see this one again.

On Saturday, Mallory and Alyssa were riding in barrel races, so we decided to make like Texans and go watch them. It was fun and they were terrific. Both girls ran great times, and we loved seeing them do their thing. I, however, am going to have to learn a whole new language because I thought we were at a corral, and it turns out we were at an arena. Just chalk one up for giving a real Texan a few good laughs!

Don’t those girls look terrific. Well, they are, and we’re so glad to have them as our friends.


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You might have guessed by my absence here that I’ve been busy moving, and you’re right! We spent our first night in our new home two weeks ago today and have not stopped unpacking since (except for a few days of flu thrown in for good measure). The final week before closing was complete madness…lots of trips to the house to check in on the final work…lots of cokes and tacos to keep the workers happy…and the list could go on an on.

We are so thrilled and so grateful to be in our home at last. It’s amazing how much more settled we all feel now that this part of the journey is complete. It’s been something like Christmas around here as we’ve unpacked things we haven’t seen for the past eight months.

I’ll post more pictures as we paint, unpack and settle in, but for now, here’s a peek…

The view from the front entrance…Walking through the font door and seeing that green paint on the wall in the back makes me feel at home.

The dining room…

The family room…I just picked up curtain rods for these windows yesterday. Hopefully, we get to hang them this weekend.

The breakfast area and kitchen…oh, I am so happy in my new kitchen!

Our very big and mostly empty bedroom…

Those are the most “together” rooms in the house so far. I’ll post more as we progress. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t you just love technology that allows us to stay connected like this?

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