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Summer at Last

It’s been a long time. Too long. And I’ve missed blogging here and have really missed hearing from those of you who follow along. With the start of summer, I’m feeling inspired to begin again, so here goes!

Last Friday was the last day of school. I love that! Mason is officially a 4th grader and Maddie and 8th grader. Yes, I have a teenager since I wrote last and am still trying to wrap my brain around that. After school was dismissed early on Friday, we went to a Fun Day for a homeschool co-op that Maddie will be in next year. It was fun to meet up with some of the moms and kids while Maddie and Mason slipped and slided down the water slide and ate ice cream. Later that evening, My Man and I went to dinner (P F Changs) and enjoyed a wonderful time just being together and talking without interruption. Lovely!

Gerry worked this weekend, so we enjoyed time at home and then had the special treat of seeing Doug and Sue Twigger and two of their children (friends from Springfield) when they visited our church Sunday morning. I’ll post  picture when Sue sends one my way! We had lunch with them afterward and left the restaurant in a torrential downpour. The rest of the day was spent blissfully at home. Gerry took Mason to the pool while Maddie played with a neighbor friend and I explored the internet making summer plans. We closed out the day watching Extreme Home Makeover…like we always do on Sunday nights. This is the one night of the week that the kids get to eat in front of the tv…quite a highlight. They eat, I cry, Gerry makes fun of me…the perfect end of a restful day.

Here we are with the Twiggers at Mamacitas…

Gerry and I ventured over the our little town’s Main Street for a while on the morning of Memorial Day and then picked up three live oak trees and two roses, which will soon find a new home in our back yard. In case, you’re wondering why I pointed out that we bought “live” oak trees instead of dead ones, live oak is actually a kind of tree. Must have been short on creativity the day that tree was named!

The highlight of our Memorial Day was pulling our lawn chairs and grills out into the street along with our neighbors and sharing a mighty fine feast. We had a great time getting to know each one a little better and are already making plans to do it again. Jared and Kathy (my sister) and their kids came too with some uber-delicious lettuce wraps in tow. I’ll be adding that recipe to my stash for sure.

This was everything a weekend should be. Some sun. Some rain. Some rest. And a good time with family and friends. Thank you Dearest Lord for days like these.


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