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My friend, Charla, called a couple of weeks ago to say they were coming to Houston and would like to pay us a visit. We could hardly wait. They arrived in San Antonio last night after a few bumps in the road…a vandalized RV, a sick son and two days of camping in a Wal-Mart parking lot while they waited for the repair of their out of commission truck! When they called to say they were about to pull into our apartment parking lot, we all rushed downstairs to meet them. I can’t even tell you how exciting it was to have them come for a visit. What fun! Almost as soon as they arrived, we left to show them our house and the new neighborhood where we’ll be living soon.

Then the fun really began. Today is Maddie’s 12th birthday. I’ve told her maybe a million times or so what a gift she is to me, and today I told her that I think God sent her a special birthday present by bringing the Campbell’s here just in time for her birthday. All the Campbell kids spent the night at our apartment, and we skipped school and celebrated the special morning with a birthday breakfast. We spent the day in the charming German settlement of Fredricksburg. We explored the shops and had a lovely day with lovely friends. Thank you, dear Lord, for sweet friendships like these…

Happy Birthday to my special girl. I’m glad you could share the day with friends…We haven’t had a birthday without Brittany in years, so it was especially wonderful to have her here to celebrate you!

Charla is one of the most creative and talented┬ápeople I’ve ever met. We share a love of all things artsy and all things antique, so Fredricksburg was the perfect place to spend the day. Here we are at my Fredricksburg favorite, Homestead and Friends. I think we could move right in and feel at home…


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