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The house is almost complete. We’ve had a few bumps in the road lately…a chipped bathtub, poorly laid sod and now mint green trim. Most everything looks lovely, but we definitely have some kinks to straighten out before we close next week. They’ll completely re-enamel the tub, re-lay the sod and re-paint the trim, and it re-minds me that doing things right the first time saves a lot of time and trouble!

The kitchen is complete now except for putting all of the outlets into the wall…and my dishes into the cabinets.

The mint green trim…it’s actually much more pronounced in person. We think they just mixed the paint incorrectly. It will get a new coat of paint today or tomorrow. I can’t wait to see our “real” front door go on soon.


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Feeling at Home…15 Days to Go

Lots of action at the ranch today. Carpet was laid yesterday. Trim and tile are complete. The front and side yards are filled with top soil and awaiting sod, which should go down tomorrow. Stucco should be finished up in the next couple of days. So we’re mostly down to details now.

Sod was delivered today.


A better view of the fireplace at the end of the family room than the one I posted earlier. We’re hoping to build shelving or cabinets into those archways.

The kitchen is complete except for glass in the cabinets and the stovetop.

The backyard…that little red canopy you see in the background is the pool…A good place to spend south Texas summers!

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17 days to go

The stone work was completed today. Here’s the front of the house and the fireplace. If they’d let me put my hands on a trowel and paintbrush, I think I could finish this job off!


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I dropped by our house today with low expectations…but sometimes the workers show up on Saturdays, so I couldn’t resist. And my trip paid off. The kitchen backspash was tiled. I think one of the most fun parts of this whole process is seeing the things we chose in the studio all come together and look so nice. You never know for sure how everything will look together, so it’s nice to say that the backsplash is even better than I’d expected.

That big hole in the counter is for the stovetop. We still lack hardware and glass in the cabinets, and, of course, everything will look even better when a little green paint goes on the walls…See what you think…

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The stone masons arrived today. They started work on the exterior stone and the fireplace. I’m going to get boxes from our storage unit so I can begin packing up. I haven’t look forward to packing like this since we left England. I’ve been grateful to have such a nice little apartment, but since we’re supposed to be thankful in all things, I’m feeling mighty thankful for that house!



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The banisters have been installed on the stairs. Lighting, switch plates and outlet plates are in. Kitchen counters and bathroom sinks are in. The tile flooring is in. The showers and tubs are tiled. The French doors are hung. The back yard is fenced and filled with top soil. And our closing date is now May 1.

We just need a cooktop and ovens, a little more tile and grout and carpeting and paint…and some stucco and paint on the exterior…and we’ll be done! Oh yeah, some plumbing would be a nice touch too, I think!

The stairway from the front entry…

French door entry to the den…





















The kitchen with counter tops installed…

Master bath cabinets…

Master bath shower and tub with tile sans grout…





















View from the back of the house with topsoil lawn…

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Big Rocks are Here…Day 86

The stone for the front of the house arrived today. The air conditioning unit is going in…so thankful for that! Then the final bit of stucco will go on the front of the house, and then the stone will go on. They measured for countertops today, and flooring will start going in soon…maybe even this week.

The cabinets are pretty much fully installed. There are some details to finish up, but some of those will have to wait until we’re closer to completion.

Kathy’s house is moving along well too. I’ve put a few pictures of hers too.’

Stone for the front of the house…


The kitchen with cabinets…


Kathy’s house…and a very pretty sky…


Kathy’s kitchen and breakfast area toward the back and family room to the left…


A peek up the stairs…that’s the garage in the background.


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